Wear Your Confidence With Melin

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Feeling overwhelmed with summer hat options online? We’ve all been there! From baseball caps to visors, the choices are endless. But what if finding the perfect headwear for the beach, a night out, or even a hike was simple? Meet Melin – your one-stop shop for sun-savvy style. Forget stressing about matching your vibe as you are about to get offered a curated collection that is more than just sun protection. From breezy beach days to adventurous outings, there’s a hat waiting to lift your look and keep you cool all summer.

Melin doesn’t just make head accessories, they reimagine them. Founded in 2013, their obsession with quality led them on a four-year journey to source the finest materials from the world’s best fabric mills. This dedication extends to fit, ensuring their collection is the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. The result? Classic baseball hats elevated to an art form.


A Hat for Every Head


With tons of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect match, no matter your age or taste. Want something trendy? Grab a flat bill. Need a classic one? They have curved bills for that too. Plus, curved bills block the sun, keeping your eyes happy. With Melin, there’s always something out there waiting for you!


Ultimate Water-Ready Headwear


Feeling the 90s vibe? Rock the A-Game Neon Hydro with a fun surprise when you hit the water. More of a classic fan? The Trenches Icon Hydro repels water, floats, and breathes – perfect for any adventure. Golfers, we've got you! The Coronado Links Hydro boasts sun protection. It has a comfy grip and is a lightweight, but super tough fabric for the course. The Hydro collection is your one-stop shop for stylish sun protection. It keeps you cool and covered for every trip.


Hydro Makes A Splash


Level up your hat game with the new Hydro Watercolor Collection! They not only have the same cool features: water resistance, floatable visors, and sweat-wicking comfort. But, also have a splash of artistic flair with watercolor-inspired designs. You can choose classic Coronado Brick or a comfy fit. The Legend's strap is an adjustable one with hidden pockets and breathable materials which makes it your perfect voyage companion.


Warmth meets Style


Feeling the winter freeze? The Thermal Collection is here to save the day! Made with super comfy, high-quality stuff they are perfect for any cold-weather adventure. Looking for a classic style or a cool trucker hat vibe? This series has it all. Having notable features including adjustable ear flaps for great warmth, special tech to keep out chills, and a visor seal for extra protection, you can now dominate winter in style and comfort!


Lightweight and Breathable Design


Summer sun got you feeling hot and bothered? Skip those heavy hats for a super light winner! No more sweat – their hydro collection lets air flow freely, keeping your head super relaxed all day. Plus, it’s feather-light, so you can beat the heat without feeling weighed down. Stay stylish and breezy with a fun, lightweight headwear that’ll be your perfect summer companion!


Water-Repellent and Eco-Friendly


Sunshine, pool parties, or surprise showers – these hats handle it all! Made with eco-friendly materials that feel great, they repel water to keep your head dry and even float for poolside fun. Look sharp, feel cool, and make a splash – all with one unique accessory!


Build to Endure


Summer throws everything at you, and your hat shouldn’t be the casualty. Try the A-Game Hydro Collection, which is built like a tank, ready for any adventure you dream up. Mountain hikes? Beach bonfires? Say goodbye to worrying about rips and tears as these lids can take it all – they are built to last all summer long. Just grab it and head to whatever wild plans you’ve got in store.


Innovation You Can Wear


Melin’s all about creating headwear that is the epitome of elegance, style and comfy. Their fresh designs will turn heads, and they’re packed with handy features that make life easier. Plus, the materials are so soft, that it feels like a dream! Whether you’re hitting the gym or exploring the outdoors, these head accessories are built to keep up, perform and keep you comfortable all day. Ready to experience innovation? Grab one and see what the future of headwear feels like!


New Antiperspirant Technology


Summer heat got you sweating, but hate the hat stink? Their trendy antimicrobial caps are your answer! Curated with special materials that fight off icky bacteria, to make you stay fresh for longer, you can slay those sunny days without feeling or smelling funky. Grab an antimicrobial cap and ditch the stink all season long!


Easy Return Policy


Love your new hat, but it's not quite the perfect match? No problem! They offer hassle-free returns within 30 days. Just follow the easy steps on their website and the rest will be taken care of. Shopping should be easy and stress-free, so shop with confidence and find the lid you love!


Find Your Perfect Fit


Struggling to find the right wear? Fit finder saves the day! Answer a few quick questions and you’ll find a match to your perfect lid. Shop with confidence and rock your new style!

Headwear is the secret weapon in your style arsenal. From poolside chic to timeless elegance, there’s a perfect pick to uplift your look. Embrace the variety – explore striking prints, classic shapes, or anything that speaks to you. This isn’t just about following trends; it’s about expressing your unique style. Find your signature style and become a fashion icon yourself.