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How To Make Decor Look Expensive On A Budget

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Weird things about the homes we stay in as we age becomes more outdated. I always thought to myself why my granny`s neighbor and the place always seemed so outdated, and part of the reason is they never changed the interior and neither worked to revamp it. And I have no problem with that approach, but most of us who like our homes a bit more fashionable embrace the lux and dig the sophisticated vibe of it. 

Nevertheless, anytime we think about home renovation, the first thought that occurs to our minds is the cost of it. And remodeling the whole house or even an apartment can cost from anywhere between 100000-200000 dollars. Whilst this is a lot of money, it`s not always wise to completely revamp the house. Especially when you can achieve the luxe feel with 10%-20% of the cost mentioned above. To curate today`s blog, we reached out to several interior designers for people who are looking to decorate their places on a budget. The blog post entails specific guidelines that instantly spruce up the home environment without costing you a leg. Achieving the indigenous look on affordable spending, or should I term it an investment? 

Here`s everything we learned from the interior designers.

Replace The Lighting Of Your Space With Newer Styles:

If you are looking to add some high-end and beautiful experiences to your home, you will need to have mood lighting and layer your lighting. Using lighting in different directions, you can elevate some spaces and special features of the room by minimizing the focus on not-so-important areas. Adding thoughtful lighting can make or break your already existing decors. According to the interior design experts we talked to, it adds another dimension to the pre-existing setting. Joanna Gaines "Good lighting can transform the look and feel of a space, not to mention what it does for its usability," Putting a statement lighting fixture like chandeliers in the house is always a worthy investment. A statement of lighting, whether in the dining or, living or even the bedroom, will create the focal point. 

However, statement lighting sets can be a bit expensive, so if you are in the mood for something more economical, opt for cylindrical lamps or drum lights in the shade of your existing light style. 

Using Mirrors In The Right Manner:

There are more than one ways a mirror can be a great addition to your existing home setting. They can create the illusion of depth and of a more expansive space than in reality. Mirrors also make the home setting brighter. Nate Burker, a renowned American Interior designer, swears by the functionality of mirrors in his instagram posts. "Looking to invest in something special for your home?" he writes. "There`s always a place in your home for a big, beautiful vintage mirror. It always makes the room feel taller." The position of the mirror is going to play just as much of a vital role in your home decoration setting.

A Lux Bedroom:

Ever gone to any of the bedding stores and wondered why your bedding lacks the lux feeling and innovative design? It is because they use two duvets instead of one. They lay a flat one covering the whole bed while using the other on top of the initial layer to provide a fluffier and crisp look, making the bed look more aesthetic. The Initial layer of the duvet is the functional layer, while the other one on top is the idol layer that is only used to create the illusion of lux and lavish bedroom. The added duvet weight also serves functionality by providing a feeling of warmth and additional comfort. 

Using Large-Sized Pillows:

Another thing you can do to make your bedroom, living room, and lounge look a bit more high-end is to add large-sized throw pillows. They add contrast to the room and a bit of colour while making the space more comfortable and bouncier. My recommendation is to opt for pillows of size 26 x 26 and then layer those pillows with smaller ones with a gradual decrease in size to create a more sophisticated look. Especially when you have a large functioning sofa at home, these pillows will add the much-needed colour and pattern in the blant sofa colour, instantly sprucing the feel of the room.


The importance of the curtains is often ignored, and the main reason is that people do not usually get them right. They either hang them too close to the window or much farther from the ceiling. The proper way to hang the curtain is to maintain a distance of 3-4 inches from the ceiling and extend the length of the horizontal bar by 6 inches on each side of the window. 

In the same context, the length of curtains plays just as essential a role. If they are draping over the floor or too high from the floor, it will most definitely beat the luxe vibe you are trying to create. Use curtain rings to add additional three inches that are going to reduce the cost of the curtain while also complimenting the high-end look.

Maintain A Neutral Color Palette:

When you browse through the home decoration catalog and visit stores that deal in luxe furniture, one thing you will notice is that the rooms in all the pictures portray a neutral colour palette. It will significantly change the look and feel of the place and also create the illusion of a bigger space. These colours are always timeless. Hence regardless of the decoration trends, these colours will last a lifetime. It`s always easier to add colour when you have a neutral colour around the house. It gives you the opportunity to play with textures and add contrast to your home setting. It could be white and creamy or dark and moody. The main goal here is to stay neutral and let your complimenting decor elevate the living space.