Privacy Policy

We at Thedigitalsparks obtain the trust of our critical customers. We plan a security strategy that can guarantee the customer's prosperity and security. We ask you to investigate our whole Privacy Policy with the target that you will see the value in our obligation to you and your security.

What data do we gather?

We make sure that our customers shared their information by placing trust in us, so we guarantee your information and other individual data will be kept secure and not be spilled or used for any destructive explanation. The individual information joins your name, address, phone number, email id, and address. In any case, our gathering guarantees your data remained safe and got.

From the subsequent you give us the individual data, join and start shopping until your bundle has been passed on to you. Your solicitation is our obligation, and if any mishaps have happened, the shop will bear the adversity.

How would we utilize your data?

We simply use your information to get to the organizations and deals and affirm the portion and trade. Your name and address are simply conferred to a pariah, for instance, courier organizations, for delivery purposes.

We may use your data for the measurable reviewing reason or design and improve the web content or may utilize it for looking at purposes. Regardless, we guarantee that your character stays strange and will not at any point make an awful picture.


Our site uses cookies; many of you ask what the cookies are? These are minimal substance archives that ensure the laborer that your customer is uncommon and see your PC IP address. It is used for your straightforwardness and saves time to give you a more improved shopping experience. Our site furthermore uses Google Analytics. The specialists of Google can store the information which is conveyed by the cookies. The justification surveying the website and amassing its report activity for the web customer will not give out your IP address.

You may not allow the cookies, be that as it may, it will limit induction to the site. The grantee cookies will not study any private information and will not contain any contaminations.

Age limitation

Children's advantage and security is our utmost limit need and we guarantee that young people under 13 will not allow to select or shop with us. We don't make the record for the individual under 13 years without parental course. Individuals who are under 13 are not allowed to give any information concerning your name, address, email id, and other individual data. If we notice a record of an individual under 13 without parental heading, we have the situation to drop the record

Security reason

On the off chance that you participated in the progression and contentions, we would get to your data like name, address, and contact nuances for the extra cycle, in any case, your character stays secure.

We assemble your data through the ensured specialist, which infers no unapproved customer isn't allowed to see your information. We incorporate the character checks from time to time for extra insistence. As of now, it is your commitment to getting your secret word and gadget from the unapproved customer. Around there, Thedigitalsparks isn't responsible for.

Client assistance

At some irregular point, you feel shaky or bargained concerning the maltreatment of individual information; you can contact our customer delegate. We and our gathering, including our associates and others, guarantee that all your data will remain liberated from any peril.


We may change this security strategy now and then. If you have any inquiries for anything, go ahead and ask us