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What Are The Most Common Problems With Porsche

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There is no doubt that at some point in our lives, we all have glanced over the beautiful Porsche and thought of getting one for ourselves. It goes without saying that they are truly a masterpiece and stood up in society as a symbol of class and elegance. However, there are some problems with the masterpieces you can expect yourself to run into if you are thinking of having one. If you already have one of these beauties, then you might have some idea what I am talking about. The common issues everybody should take into consideration when you think of buying one. 

When we talk about luxury vehicles, nobody expects them not to be reliable, But the reality is far different from the commonly held misconception. The more luxurious the vehicle does not necessarily mean that the car would be dependable. For example, in 2015, during a survey conducted in the UK, Porsche came in second on the least reliable cars list.

However, the porches sales have increased significantly in the past years, with 300,000 in just last year and "Macan" Being one of the most sought-after models from the renowned manufacturer. This sounds like a sweet deal for Porsche producers, but we hope the same is true for their users. However, the historical data suggests otherwise. Nonetheless, another take is that the increased velocity has resulted in less time spent on sourcing parts which seemed like a major issue nearly a decade ago. The increase in sales and cheaper repair costs due to the availability of parts might be one of the major reasons why its reliability score has increased significantly over the past couple of years. But why was the reliability low in the first place, and How did you get it fixed? Here is a break-up of things you should expect and do.

Problems With Cooling:  

You might not be able to address this issue at a glance as it won`t be obvious. You will not see the coolant dripping on the garage floor as the faulty seal exists above the center engine. However, a puddle on the center engine is an indication that you need to get your seals repaired or changed. We would recommend getting the coolant system checked every time you go for routine maintenance. Another way to check whether the coolant has been leaking is to check the trunk of your car. If the carpet is wet, it is mostly the consequence of the leakage, in which case you should immediately call a mechanic. 

Engine Problems:

While engine problems do not begin unless you miss one of your oil change dates or use the old oil longer than intended to be used in the first place, Porsche smoke coming out of engines is a common issue. It is nothing alarming, but it sure can freak out many first-timers, especially with Porsche 911 or Boxster. Most of the time, you would not have to change the engine or rebuild it from scratch, as often it is because of inexperienced oil changers at the Garage. However, there is less likelihood but a possibility of a faulty oil separator in which instance you will notice a puff of smoke coming out of the exhaust. If you ever encounter any such scenario, we would recommend getting it checked by one of the Porsche professional mechanics such as design911.

Handling and Braking:

Porsches have been using the ABS braking system for almost as long as the cars have hit the road. So you might notice your ABS lights triggering for only one reason: Which means its Electronic ABS module has failed. In most instances, it can be replaced by a professional service, but you can also get it completely renewed from design 911 with new ABS.  

There is also a known issue of CV(Constant Velocity) joints, which usually occur due to wear and tear of the car, but in Porsche, due to huge reliance on the engine for strength, it can occur at any time. Your grease boots show cracks and tears.


A common misconception is that Porsche automatic transmissions are filled for life and do not require any service. But you have to get them checked routinely, just like the other above-mentioned issues encountered with Porsche. The case is even more prominent in manual transmission Porsche, and it starts making a grinding sound while shifting, an issue that could easily be taken care of by getting it serviced by Porsche professionals.

Where Should You Go For Its parts?

 It would be best if you were sure that the parts availability is not an issue with the services. Finding Porsche parts is as difficult as it used to be, but still an issue. Instead of settling for cheap knockoff and refurbished parts. Many counterfeit parts are available in the market, mostly sourced from China. The quality is low; however, they do exactly the same and can become rather hard for normal individuals like us to distinguish, which is why you need to go for someone trustworthy and reliable, like design 911. At their store, you can find parts for all types and kinds of Porsche. It is one of the most renowned names when it comes to sourcing Porsche parts and the best of all while sourcing parts from them you get the best customer service.

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