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How Proper Gear Can Enhance Your Bicycle Ride

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Cycling is a fantastic way to maintain shape, experience nature, and unwind. However, riding a bicycle can be uncomfortable and even painful if you don`t have the right gear. Investing in proper cycling gear ensures your comfort and enhances your overall riding experience.

Jenson is an online retailer specializing in bicycles, bike parts, and cycling gear. They offer many products from popular brands such as Shimano, SRAM, and Fox. They provide various services, such as bike fitting, custom cycle building, and maintenance and repair. In this article, we`ll examine the advantages of cycling equipment and suggest a few Jenson USA goods that can improve your riding game.

1. The Benefits of Cycling Gear

Cycling gear is designed to make your ride more comfortable and efficient. Proper equipment can protect you from injury, reduce fatigue, and help you maintain good posture while riding. Cycling gear can also enhance your performance by providing a better grip, reducing wind resistance, and improving your overall speed.

2. Essential Cycling Gear

a) Helmet: Safety is the most crucial aspect of cycling, and a good helmet can save your life in an accident. We recommend the Giro Synthe MIPS Helmet, which is lightweight, well-ventilated, and has a built-in MIPS system for added protection.

Features of Giro Synthe MIPS Helmet:

The Giro Synthes MIPS helmet is a high-performance cycling helmet for road cyclists and racers. It features MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology.

The helmet also features Giro`s Roc Loc Air fit system, which allows for easy appropriate adjustment and ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

The helmet has a streamlined design with 26 Wind Tunnel vents to keep riders cool and comfortable during intense rides.

It is a popular choice among serious road cyclists and has received positive reviews for its comfort, ventilation, and aerodynamics.

b) Cycling Shorts: A good pair of cycling shorts can prevent chafing and provide extra cushioning for your saddle area. We recommend the Fox Racing Ranger Cargo Short, which is made of moisture-wicking fabric and has multiple pockets for storing essentials.

c) Cycling Jersey: A cycling jersey is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while riding. We recommend the Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey, made of breathable fabric and has a relaxed fit for freedom of movement.

d) Cycling Shoes: Cycling shoes are designed to provide better grip and power transfer to the pedals. We recommend the Shimano SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe, which has a stiff sole for maximum power transfer and a grippy rubber outsole for better bike traction.

Features of Shimano SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe:

The Shimano SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe is a high-performance cycling shoe for off-road riding. It features a synthetic leather upper with perforated venting, providing durability and breathability.

The shoe has a Boa L6 dial closure system, allowing easy and precise fit adjustment, and a reinforced heel cup for added stability and support. The sole is made from a lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced nylon, which provides excellent power transfer and grip when off the bike.

The Shimano SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe is compatible with two-bolt mountain bike cleats and has a durable rubber outsole for traction when walking.

3. Additional Cycling Gear

a) Cycling Gloves: Cycling gloves provide extra grip and cushioning for your hands while riding. We recommend the Fox Racing Ranger Glove, which has a padded palm and a touchscreen-compatible thumb.

b) Cycling Sunglasses: Cycling sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV rays, wind, and debris. We recommend the Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses, which have a large field of vision and interchangeable lenses for different lighting conditions.

c) Cycling Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is essential while riding; a good cycling water bottle can make drinking easier. We recommend the Camelbak Podium Chill Insulated Water Bottle, which keeps your water cold longer and has a self-sealing valve to prevent spills.


Investing in proper cycling gear can make your ride more enjoyable and safer. From helmets to shoes, there are a variety of products that can enhance your overall cycling experience. Jenson offers a wide range of cycling gear for every type of rider, from beginners to professionals. So, gear up and hit the road for a fantastic cycling adventure!