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Are Meals Kit Worth It

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Meal kits have become increasingly popular after the first wave of covid and have become a go-to option for many individuals. Whether you like them, are fond of the services, or are indifferent to their existence. One thing that has become certain is that the meal kits are here to stay. Their immense popularity is because it helps people with no time and a hectic schedule get the hang of their lives without causing too much trouble preparing the grocery list, going out shopping, and taking the time out to perform these tasks only to come back home and prepare the ingredients by themselves. The meal kits have solved these problems, and there is no doubt that it makes their lives easier. The meal kits have improved significantly over the past decade, yet people often find them asking the question of whether meal kits are worth it or not?

The value of any purchase is highly subjective, and it`s hard to determine since various qualitative and quantitative factors exist. And The preferences of each individual vary greatly. For example, while some people are happy paying a premium, others always want to opt for cost-effective options. For these and several other reasons coming to a definitive answer is near impossible, but we can certainly give you pointers about the factors one should consider while opting for meal kits. 

What Conveniences Do Meal kits Bring?

Putting in the effort to go grocery shopping at your local Costco saves you money and is a much more budget-friendly option than meal delivery services. Still, there is no doubt the professionals put in tremendous effort.

  • The recipes are often developed by various professionals and bring a huge number of options.
  • The ingredients are sourced from organic farms.
  • Meal kits are a great way to reduce food wastage.
  • No need to worry about supply chain issues. Since you will be getting your regardless of any inconvenience.
  • A practical and engaging customer service team takes care of all the problems and queries you might encounter.

All the meal kit options are high in nutrition and can serve several purposes. First, they provide the fanciest options and choices, which might be hard to avail at the restaurants at equivalent pricing. 

Which Meal Kit Is Best For Weight Loss?

Meal Planning is the best way of controlling your calorie intake. One of the pros of a meal kit is that you can manage the number of calories. Each portioned meal comes with information on how many calories each serving delivers.  

While sticking to a routined calorie intake is daunting, especially when you do not know how many calories you are consuming. Portion sizes of meal kits are directly correlated with energy intake. 

Opting for meal kit options that focus highly on vegetables and nuts is a great way to meet your nutritional needs as the healthy fiber and carbs obtained from vegetables as they increase the give a feeling of fullness and increase metabolism, which all adds to more efficient energy excretion and less energy absorption.

If we talk about Purple Carrot, one of the best vegan meal delivery services, they have a massive range of delicious vegan options. Since the popular meal delivery service only offers plant-based diet options that provide substantial nutritional value, as per the study, it can increase your odds of losing weight while reaching the desired BMI (Body Mass Index.) Their plant-based options steer clear of starchy vegetables, and the ingredients often are high in fiber, healthy carbs, and protein—each essential for you to keep functioning and stay fit.

How much Meal Kits At Purple Carrot Cost:

While there are several meal delivery services in the market, the only trustworthy vegan option in the market is Purple Carrot. It offers multiple ranges of options depending on your needs. They offer two different types of subscriptions one can sign up for :

  1. 2 Servings: In this subscription model, the users get 3 to 4 meals each week, with each serving`s cost starting from $9.99 for unprepared meal kits.
  2. Four servings: This model lets you avail of 2-3 meals per week, each meal cost ranging from $10-$13. 

The model, as mentioned earlier, is also followed for prepared meal plans. However, the cost of a subscription is slightly more expensive than the unprepared meal kits.

Consumer Reviews On Meal Kits

After surveying consumers who opted for meal delivery services and their satisfaction levels, the majority believed that meal kits services brought them flexibility and convenience. Many even reported getting crafty with the kits and enjoyed the labor intensiveness it brought on with Millennials and Generation z eating out more than the previous generations. Meal kits sound like the more budget-friendly bet while delivering the same experience throughout the week.  

American millennials spend 44% of their food budget on eating out, which more often results in unsatisfactory experiences while eating processed food. Meal kits Provide an alternative to staying healthy as per the 81% of Americans who believe it is more beneficial than eating out. This and several other factors have increased the market cap of the industry from 1.17 billion dollars (2017) to 4.9 billion dollars (2022).

You can find almost any type of meal when it comes to meal kits, from nuts to soup and vegan to gluten-free options. Apart from bringing flexibility and a task that requires less commitment and labor hours from your end, It surely spices up the food life of any individual. Moreover, you are not wasting time and energy going into production and saving the environment since the meal kits use less packaging. Considering these and other factors mentioned earlier, it is safe to say that meal kits are a healthy substitute for eating out and helping hand for individuals who do not have time in their daily lives.