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Must Have Tools for a Successful Home Improvement Project

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Which Tools Should You Have For A House Renovation?

Starting any project without tools can lead to incomplete and unsatisfactory results from clients or a feeling of dissatisfaction. However, it becomes relatively hard when you do not even have the right tools, let alone the knowledge of how to use those. When it comes to remodelling and building items, each tool serves a different purpose. While purchasing everything at once can prove to be rather an experience, a tip of trade is to build up the toolbox over time as you are in need of tools. It will not provide a brief learning experience but will be easier on the bank and your pockets.

It goes without saying that owning and maintaining a house itself is a full-time job. However, the feeling of satisfaction you achieve after fixing even the smallest issues is unmatchable. While there are experts available for everything, it can become very pricey. However, with the right set of tools, the jobs can become relatively easier and cost cheaper in the longer run. Regardless of what you are aiming to do at your place, these tools are going to play a crucial role in everything, including carpentry, hanging drywall, plaster, electrical work, Plumbing, putting in tiles, roofing or using concrete to fix things. Instead of making endless trips to home depot, this four-minute read on the essential tools will save you money and time. So what tools do you need for your home renovation? 

Home Renovation Tools

  • Paint Roller and Paint Tray: While Brushes might help you get the job done, it is a lot exhausting and often results in significant cost differences on the wall. A good paint roller will cover a larger surface area with the same amount of paint and cause less dripping, and all the drips are stored in the paint tray, which can be reused over time. It is the only choice of the professionals when it comes to recolouring the interiors and ceilings of the house. While The Brush might leave stroke marks on the wall and ceiling, rollers help in achieving the most hearted finish look.

  • Drywall Saw for Cutting Drywall to Size: A construction material known as drywall is often used in the construction of ceilings and walls. Often designs, arcs and caves are also made from it. Drywall saw (Pad saw, Alligator saw) will help you often make the necessary yet unconventional changes. Its ergonomic handle and the ability to carve out clean cuts will come in handy frequently.

  • Trowel: A Drywall Trowel is relatively smaller in size and comes useful on more than once occasions, for example, for Applying Adhesive to the Siding of Your Home or to provide a finishing touch. They are usually made of stainless steel, making them useful for a longer period of time. There are other kinds of trowels as well, each one serving a specific purpose, but most of them can be used for applying compounds to interior walls and ceilings.

  • Jigsaw or Sawzall Blades Kit: It usually performs exceptionally when it comes to cutting wood in different shapes and sizes, but it can be used to cut other materials as well, including plastic, metal sheets, and several other materials. It can effectively cut in cuts, can go cordless, which can prove handy in a number of situations and are so easy to use that you can even craft something meaningful using them. Whether you are looking to carve pumpkins for Halloween or put a new tree house for your kids, Jigsaw will be your ultimate tool for any of those needs.

  • Hammer: This commonly known tool is used on so many occasions, from breaking down drywall into pieces to putting nails in the wall, detailing, carpeting, assembling furniture, striking, and bending. Hammers are designed to deliver the punch of pressure which might be harder to do so with other tools.

  • Cordless Screwdriver Machine Set: We all know about screw drives which can often be used to hold the screw, tighten, or loosen them. A cordless screwdriver will take out the intensiveness of the labour tasks. And it saves time as well as effort on your end, especially when it comes to installing or building flat-pack furniture.

  • Level: Level is the tool you will be referring to every time you are about to hang a frame on the wall—cabinets to hanging doors or to determine whether the recently laid concrete on the wall is even. There are more than a hundred scenarios in which it can come to your aid. The most basic level uses a liquid-filled vial with bubbles to indicate level and plumb, whereas the more advanced one projects a laser. Choose a level of your liking, as both are equally efficient when it comes to using them.

  • Stud Finder: While hanging anything on the drywall, you would need to locate the hidden framing studs. The stud will help you find frame studs underneath walls, Plumbing and a good one will even locate the ones behind wires. It makes the job easier, less time-consuming and leaves no harm on the dry walls. Getting the job done faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Cordless Drill-Driver Kit: Cordless drill drivers are much more powerful than cordless screwdriver sets. And delivers greater torque, i.e. 50-newton meters, than the usual 10-newton meters torque of the screwdriver. It shall have no problem drilling through plastic, metal or hardwood. However, cordless screwdriver kits might struggle due to a lack of battery and power. It can also be used to drive drills into hard concrete walls, which you might not be able to perform with cordless screwdrivers.

  •  Battery-powered Nail guns: As opposed to the manual hammer, the pneumatic nailer uses compressed air to deliver the needed pressure while driving nails into hard or tough materials. They provide high-quality and firm affixation of nails to any surface. Even though its other kinds involve carrying compressors and cords, the battery-powered nail gun makes the job less cumbersome and daunting as it brings mobility to the table and does not require you to carry meters of cords. 

  • Paint Sprayer Gun: Spray Guns rely on air pressure to spread the paint over walls and several other surfaces. It provides a much more uniform coat on the surface and saves time as well as production costs. You can customize the gun to achieve the required level of finishing.

 We do understand that some of the tools mentioned above might be a tad heftier on the pockets than the others. Nonetheless, each of the items included in the list is a one-time investment and is prone to last a lifetime. Building a home tool kit needed for renovation or construction requires more consistency from your end. It is not going to happen overnight, and You will need to source quality equipment from known manufacturers such as FFx. Building your home tool kit does not end with the list. It is a lifelong process. While we have not covered everything, the list surely includes the essentials to make your job relatively easier.

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