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Essential Purse Guide 5 Types Of Purses You Need

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The importance of handbags in a modern woman`s life cannot be neglected, but the amount of choices in the market makes it relatively hard for you to come to a decisive conclusion.

It has become an integral part of today`s fashion, especially when it comes to the women of society. The fashionable purse serves multiple purposes and is an accessory to carry along everyday items, taking care of our valuables and sometimes invaluable yet necessary stuff. But in a vast number, their purpose is to complete the most desired slick look. 

The vast array of styles, kinds and types of handbags and purses only makes it impossible for naive minds to make their final choices.

If you are like me, who likes to stay fashion-forward but overwhelming choices get in the way and make you indecisive. Then need not worry because we have figured out the best style and designs of purses made of utmost premium quality and composed a list of handbags or purses for you.

Mini Wallet


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You require something long-lasting, durable and fashion-friendly to carry your cards and cash. Looking for cards in the hand satchel or hand purse can be exhausting, considering the amount of everyday essentials in the bag. Its minimalist trait makes it easy to carry, makes you come off organized and increases the safety of your valuables. There is no need to carry the hand purse every time you make a run to the corner because the mini wallet does the job for you.

You will need something made of full grain leather, and the Merope Mini Wallet is made of the same leather, which is the best in the business. When you look at it through a magnifying glass, you can see pores, which ensures that it is indeed made of original leather.

Crossbody Handbag

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A crossbody handbag is not a name unheard of; it basically provides you with the freedom to keep your vitals close to you. A hand comb, lipstick, tampon, or maybe other items of use. A much slicker and more fashion-forward option than a backpack. A Circe crossbody purse has an adjustable strap that you can maneuver as per your liking. A couple of front pockets to keep track of small items that are easy to reach in time of requirement. Most of all it should not be too big that it looks absurd and not too small either since that would not be a practical option. Go for something rather medium-sized and not too heavy. It should be elegant and appropriately sized just like this one at minooy.

A Chic Tote


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A tote bag is usually made of different materials ranging from cheap plastic and fabric to leather. Suppose you are looking for something that is spacious for your run to the stores or something to carry cosmetics or books to college. A tote bag made of full grain leather should help you look fashionable while being functional and meeting all your requirements. A tote bag at moony which is made of rich leather and sweet texture can be used as a protective cover for MacBook(a built-in area for it) With built-in pockets for credit cards, eye lines, a couple of small pockets for other items and exterior made of finest leather with a combination of metal to increase durability. This can be your go-to choice if you are working personnel or someone studying at college.


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At some point, each one of us needs a clutch; remember the dress you wore to prom, yeah… That needed a clutch as well. If you were someone like me and did not realize the importance of the clutch back, then it`s ok. For all fancy nights and ballroom events, you are going to need something to carry your lipstick, a pocket mirror, some cash, and cards. While looking for a clutch, make sure it is classy and generic as you will be using it for a while and with several dresses and events. You can certainly pick something with a sparkle or jewel on it or settle for something rather simple and Magnifique like the "bali clutch."

A Bag Pack

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You are going away for a weekend, carrying an extra set of clothes or other essentials. You will require something that is spacious and has style to it. Whether you are going for a hike, taking classes at school, or just making a casual run to the yoga class. You will require a bag that is able to carry all your items. Carrying heavy weights for a longer period of time can result in exhaustion. In order to save yourself the trouble of tiredness and feeling drained. A bag pack will do the job for you by carrying weight in it and substituting the weight all over the body.

Women have been using purses and handbags to make fashion statements for over decades now. It can spice up the outfit or make it look dumb. In any scenario, opting for a fashionable and durable option is the smarter choice. Minooy, an online store, has been revolutionizing the industry with fashion-forward and affordable handbags which are more practical for all events and outings. Check out their collection and leave feedback in the comments.