Celebrating Halloween With Your Furry Friends | Chewy

With the spooky season around the corner, what better way to celebrate than a Halloween-themed party. You would not want to just show up there by yourself, going to a party without a plus one can be awful, it does not necessarily have to be this way. Taking your pet with you to a Halloween party is not just a great way to strike up conversations with new people but can actually deliver how happening and eventful you are as a person. If you are a fan of dressing up your pets for the events of the year then keep reading this blog post as we bring you the best in business and costume choices of all kinds for you and your adorable pets.  Our pet owners will agree that the joy achieved by dressing up cute is like no other and to add to this adorable look, you can always bring treats and toys to bring your pet costume game up a notch. We will be bringing you the top 10 Trendiest yet a treat for eye costumes this year, let’s dig into these amazing costumes right away. 

Frisco Dog And Pet Costume

There is only 1 thing more adorable than your lovely pet. Your pet in an even cuter costume. This adorable fig costume is suitable for your dog and cats which features embroidered face details and a soft curvy tail, which is great for an all-time adorable look. Comes with a nook and zip for better support and a cleaner look. It does not matter whether your dog is a chihuahua or retriever, it comes in six different sizes so you don’t have to worry about it fitting your pet. A great look whether you are heading for a party, a friends greet meet or just a photo op at home.

Frisco Bread Cat Costume

This costume will surely be an eye-catcher at the party and you might end up leaving as an internet sensation. The Sliced bread hooks that fasten around your cat’s neck, made of soft and comfortable fabric and light in weight so it doesn’t become a burden for your pet to wear and walk around in. A great source of entertainment for you and others especially when the clock hits the trick or treats time.

Frisco Rocket ship Dog And Cat Costume

Whether or not you are a fan of space and cosmos. Everyone who sees your adorable pets in this Rocket costume will become their fan. With this rocket costume, it will be hard to keep track of your pet’s cuteness since it will be somewhere in the stratosphere. It is a two-piece costume that features a rocket on the back of your pet and comes with a hook to be wrapped around your pet’s neck with a hook and loop. The Cone-shaped hat comes with adjustable ear and chin straps for a better hold on your pets.

Frisco Front Walking Granny Cat And Dog Costume

There is nothing more adorable than your lovely pet walking in a granny costume with its granny wig. This costume features a two-piece design made of comfortable clothing and is relatively easier to put on with hook and loop fasteners. The dress includes a granny in a cute outfit carrying a silly yet peculiar purse and to top it off, it comes with a grey hair wig. The hook and loop thing also makes it a comfortable pet of most sizes. Getting into the holiday spirit will be a conversation starter when you walk around the neighborhood or show up for a photo-op. 

Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog And Cat Costume

It’s about time to bring back dinosaurs back from extinction with this adorable cute fit from fresco. This t-rex dinosaur fit features two pieces. A hook and loop fastening with neck and belly straps body to suit with roof lizard characteristics and a face mask. Each piece is made of comfortable fabrics so it does not become irritable for your pets. What better to crash at-rex party with outfits from the Jurassic period.

Frisco Shark Attack Dog And Cat Costume

Big fan of baby sharks? Or just looking to mix and match with your baby on this one. You can dress up both of them in this eye-catchy yet heartwarming costume. The costume comes in two pieces made of breathable and soft fabric to comfort your pet in all types of environments. It is easy to put on and due to its hook and loop and strap on the back feature, the costume stays on unlike the rest of the costumes available in the market. Another one from the top-notch shelf. Embroidered face details and the polyester fabric has to be the highlight of this fit, which makes it extra enjoyable and with an added dose of cuteness.

Frisco Happy Cow Dog And Cat Costume

Happy cow dog and cat costume as the name suggest features a black and white cow costume that comes with a hook and loop and straps around the back and neck for a remarkable fit. A great addition to your canine beast or snuggly cat’s outfits collection. It also features a separate enchanting hood which only adds to this lovable outfit.

Front Walking Werewolf Dog And Cat Costume

The last one from the best of dog and cat costumes archive has a walking werewolf costume. Once again with the closure type of hook and loop, you get this adorable fit with a tail hanging from the attire, giving you the perfect look of a standing and walking wolf. This outfit might make your furrier friend a lot furrier but will definitely land you some “howls” from your friends.

Dressing your pets in these snuggly outfits is surely going to land you a number of compliments at various social gatherings However If you do not like the above-mentioned collections and are eager to look for more. You like to dress up with your pets or are a fan of dressing them as iconic superheroes from DC and Marvel movies. You are always welcome to check out the wide range and variation of outfits being offered by Chewy.