Meal Kits, Answer To All The Nutrition Problems?

What Is A Meal Kit?

Feast conveyance packs or commonly referred to as the term “meal kits” have become part of a blossoming realm of the food business and appropriation arrangement of purchaser merchandise. Organizations like and numerous others guarantee the experience of genuine cooking, while at the same time giving delightful food and simplicity of readiness through formula cards and conveyance of ingredients. The benefits of such projects that look to rouse home gourmet experts with novel food varieties and plans incorporate family cooking, decreased supermarket shopping, and dinner arranging, and better food choices.

You either love cooking or do not, we all can agree whether you are new to cooking or someone who has been doing it for years. We have to admit that meal prep is usually a tiresome and lengthy task. Figuring out what`s for dinner and then getting the grocery supplies and comeback start cooking. Just thinking about it is an overwhelming job let alone doing it. 

If spending time thinking about what to cook and trying to come up with grocery store runs isn’t your piece of cake, then you should opt for more convenient options such as meal kits. They are delivered to your doorstep and save the overhauling frustration and time. But is it healthy or will you end up saving money is the real question.

Pros and Cons

Like other things in life, there is always an upside and downside of your actions, everything has its pros and cons and just like that so do meal kits, and here is what we have been able to conclude.


  • Bringing back home cooking.

With the conventional take-outs and hot dog shops open at every corner for those of us who are not a big fan of cooking can convince anyone that take-outs are the better option but are it the more economical one? Meal delivery services are here to change that. It can make cooking enjoyable for most of us as most of the components and parts of the process are done and only the fun thing is left for us to do.

  • Healthier option?

Meal kits are a healthier option than processed food and midnight craving for pizzas and tacos. Like marleyspoon most of these delivery services take pride in offering a nutritional substitute to your cravings. At Marleyspoon you can also select the food allergies you have so they do not include those particular types of ingredients in your packages.

  • Controlling your intake

If you like to keep account of what goes in or a firm believer in “you are what you eat” then meal kits might be the answer to your problems. If you are trying to decrease the size of your dinner plate. These types of services are an amazing way to stay on track and keep account of what you eat.


  •  Price

Even though meal kit services are a more convenient and cheaper option than eating out and conventional take-outs. It is not suitable for families week after week but on places like marleyspoons you can always discontinue the services and opt-out of weekly plans and even take gaps during deliveries

  • Grocery store.

Meal kits might save you some hassle but still, it is not a substitute for grocery shopping, you will have to make fewer runs to the store. To get breakfast, other consumables and for the nights you are not using meal delivery services. In addition to reducing runs to grocery stores, it might help you save impulsive buying of an item or two.

  • The size of a serving

Honestly no matter how many pounds these services quote. It depends on your definition of “serving”, which is why in some cases you might be left feeling hungry after you`ve eaten one serving.

Meal Kits Redemption Of Home Cooking?

The conventional and contemporary households of today have gone through a tremendous amount of change ever since this Covid 19 bestowed upon us. Meal Kits delivery services are growing day by day especially in developed parts of the world. It has grown so much that giant grocery store brands such as Costco, Walmarts have taken a hit. Understanding hectic lifestyles with pre-measured ingredients and recipe instructions already delivered to home. 

The meal kits possess the ability to influence consumer diets and population health and may support health-promoting diet, behaviors e.g. eating vegetables and enable home cooking.

It appeals to the middle class of the society who have hectic life schedules, working two jobs but would like to eat good quality food without the hassle of going grocery shopping and planning their meals, which eventually results in time saved. 

We have seen a surreal surge in the number of meal kits ordered over the past couple of years and these 3 have been the most common reasons for the growth of these types of food services. To decontextualize food and an effort to increase consumer sense that everybody has the right to equal food. And most of the meal kits companies make an effort in doing so. 

Meal kit companies have also taken steps to reduce the wastage of food and have conducted various researches on whether the increase in the consumption of pre-planned meal services will result in less wastage and the results have come back positive. However, a definite result of the impacts of the use of meal kits is yet to be published.