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Reduce Premature Aging |Tatcha

Many factors play their role when it comes to skin aging, whilst there are some factors that we can control and reduce the effect of aging, Others not so much.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that we cannot control and that’s the natural aging process. It is not unnatural for some lines to occur with time on our faces and lose a bit of the fresh and youthful look over time. It becomes drier and thinner. However, our genes play a vital role and contribute the most to when these lines might become visible. The doctors and dermatologists refer to it as “intrinsic aging”

But there is another type of aging that occurs because of our lifestyle and our choices. The type of aging we can control and prevent from our actions. By thinking about our actions and taking preventive actions we can control and reduce the effect of “extrinsic aging”.

This is why in today’s article we will be discussing products and the benefits of our favorite store Tatcha when it comes to cleansing and other necessary skincare treatment regimes.

In Today’s time, it is hard to find stores that provide organic and natural skin products. Tatcha on the other hand is a combination of traditional and ancestral Japanese beauty-boosting techniques and recipes with the modern groundbreaking infusion of technology. Each and every product available and mentioned in the article is made of contents that are carefully picked, selected, and manipulated to provide maximum benefit while being gentle and safe for your skin.

The first and foremost thing we should take into account is the negative impact of UV rays on our skin. Without further ado, let’s dig into the measures that we can take to reduce skin aging and enhance the youthfulness of our face.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Apart from drinking an average amount of water, You can always use The essence by Tatcha that provides your skin an immediate boost of hydration. Makes the skin radiating, soft, and plum. The extract is made up of very superfoods core to the Japanese diet; algae, rice, and green tea. Each component plays a crucial role in our skin. The algae recharge the cells for a well-covered skin whereas the green tea extract prevents the skin from early aging signs. The trio helps in boosting natural surface cell turnover for smoother skin.

Cleanse Your Skin

Instead of rubbing soap up and down your face, opt for a gentle and healthier option to even remove waterproof makeup or just after a long and exhausting day of outdoor activities. Substituting your normal remover with the Camellia cleansing oil which not only removes impurities and dirt elements from your face but leaves a lasting effect on the skin which feels softer than silk.

Protect Your Skin From The UV Rays

As we mentioned earlier in the article the harmful and everlasting effect of sun rays on your skin and how it speeds up the aging process. which is why you need sunscreen that lasts as long as you are outdoors encountering those rays. Silken pore protecting sunscreen is the sunscreen you need to add to your essentials. It blends perfectly with your skin in no time while providing you a matte and smoothening look. The loquat leaf extracts provide an abundant source of antioxidants to save skin from harmful radiations while silk components in the product make your skin silky-soft.

Remove The Dirt And Impurities

Even after cleansing your skin daily, there are tiny dust and dirt particles that manage to make their way through the pores of your skin. In order to remove those damaging particles, you will need to extract those particles out, and what better way to do it than Tatcha’s Rice Polish a water-activated exfoliant. This mixture of Japanese ingredients provides your skin with non-abrasive and subdued exfoliation while protecting the natural cells and barriers of your skin. It also enhances the natural glow and helps tighten the skin pores while restoring the clarity of the skin.

Get Yourself The Right Nutrients

 We all have heard the saying that “we are what we eat”. Getting the right nourishment and diet can help you secure a youthful look. And apart from that, you can also use violet-c brightening serum which contains 20% Vitamin C and 10% AHAs brightening serum to provide you the evergreen toned skin within the 8 weeks of its use, while making your skin radiate within the first week of applying this serum. Getting extra nutrition for your face can remove the visible lines in the long term and work on anti-aging.

We want our users to have radiating and all glowing skin. Dermatologists recommend taking care of your skin in the early ’20s as you can see the effect of your 30’s in your twenties. The best way to encounter these problems is to take control of what we put in our bodies and follow these regimes on a day-to-day basis.

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Tear Comes On-When Flight Takes Off; Science or Mind Fear?

Traveling by air has become very common nowadays. It is considered a safe and relaxing way of traveling worldwide. People who travel almost every time by airplane have now become ultimately used to it. They can spend long hours sitting on the plane without any worry. They know that all they have to do after clearing the pre-flight process is to enter the plane, sit on the designated seat, and just spread their legs to get completely comfortable. Little do they know the stuff that happens after the flight takes off. Strange things start happening that a human cannot control and stop. As soon the plane reaches the height of seven miles, the air pressure starts decreasing. Taste buds inside the mouth start getting numbs, and the skin becomes dry. The strangest thing that happens is the tears start coming down the eyes. A person who enters the plane in a happy mood gets teary eyes without any reason. In short, the flight take-off routine causes a very significant effect on the human mind and bodies.

Virgin Atlantic, a famous airline service, surveyed that 55% of the respondents agree that their emotions start reaching a peak when the flight takes off. In response to the study, Virgin Atlantic starts giving “Weepy Warnings” along with the other flight instructions. So why do we get teary-eyes on the flight? Let’s find the reasons behind these phenomena.

The reason behind the teary eyes can be psychological and physiological both. Researchers of respective fields have started taking a keen interest in this specific topic. Every researcher has its perspective and different results.

Most researchers believe that the teary eyes are the decreasing oxygen, water level, and increase in the stress ratio. Ears lobe getting vibrations equivalent to the outer environment air pressure is a well-known thing. It happens during the flights and hiking. Due to this, Hypoxia conditions take over. Hypoxia is a condition that happens when the air pressure gets low and decreases the oxygen circulation in our blood. The hypoxia symptoms are fatigue, lack of decision-making abilities. The most notable symptom is the weakening of a person’s emotion handling traits. Air-condition inside the plane dry up the air, and the humidity level starts getting low, which results in dehydration.

Jochen Hinkelbein, a medical researcher from Berlin, quotes that hypoxia makes the healthiest person vulnerable to psychological and physiological changes. Sharing his flight experience, he says he often gets asleep and feel dizzy when the flight takes off because of the environment changes.

Jodi De Luca, a clinical psychologist, states that our brains start working at an overtime rate when the plane takes off. It happens due to a person carrying travel stress and fatigue when he enters the plane. He also says that as soon the flight starts, human control over his emotions becomes less. A hormone called “Cortisol” starts influencing our emotions because of increased blood pressure and heart rate. Virgin Atlantic once reported that 41% of the males who responded to the Facebook Survey said that they hide their tears under the blanket.


Stephen Groening, professor at the University of Washington, studies the teary eyes during the flight phenomena with keen interest. He studied this phenomenon in context with the movie content that passengers watch during the flight. He concludes that there is no connection between these two things, i.e., movie and teary eyes. On contradictory, when his friend told him that he starts weeping during his flight to Australia watching Thor, he said that this might happened due to the environment he was in at that time. He further states that when someone is watching a movie on a plane, the distance between the screen and the person’s eyes is quite close, directly affecting a person’s emotional state.

Groening elaborated that when a person is on a flight, he is in an isolation state and surrounded by strangers at the same time. The person keeps focusing on the movie as much he can and feels intensely close to it, which changes a person’s emotional dynamics.

All the above reasons conclude that the cry factor during the flight is still a mystery. Every researcher on this topic comes up with his unique logic and results. Every result seems to be true from one point of view and false from the other point of view.

The primary reason for this phenomenon is the discomfort of a subconscious mind when it gets mixed up with the body’s physical changes, causing the eyes to get watery during the flight. The above reasons prove that external environments’ changes play a significant role in shaping human emotions more than anything else.