How To Feel Confident In A Swimming Suit

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Summers have arrived with big splashes and waves attracting the attention of the public towards beaches and pools. It’s 2024 and with the surge of debates on “Body Positivity “, it’s still challenging for many of us to accept our bodies the way they are. Fat, curvy, slim, hourglass etc are just varying body types and it’s debatable which one is appealing for the masses.

It’s high time we realise that the beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. You can’t be liked by everyone and the one’s trying to make it possible have end up utterly defeated because of difference of preferences in people’s minds. The only person that you have to impress and be liked by is Yourself.

“Love Yourself” is not just a phrase. It’s a motto or a lifestyle that indicates that anybody’s opinion on your structure and personality will not change/affect you. To achieve that level of confidence you’ll be required to train your mind to wire out useless criticism and comments in order to be confident and successful.

Swimming suit are the best possible garments to enhance one’s appearance and to shed some light on the most beautiful features of the body. With the advancement in fashion industry, swimming suits are built to accommodate and support all the various beautiful body shapes. Same with its unique, stylish and elegant swimming suits can be your new go to shopping spot this summer because let’s face it, most of the swim wear is typically made for specific body type which ultimately means it will not provide coverage and serve its purpose for masses.

Therefore, take proper measurements, buy a new swimsuit or if you have one already, then bring it out. It will be a life-altering blog for you and you won’t regret going through it. So sit tight and lets dive in.

How to rock a swimsuit:

Big changes require conscious efforts from a person and it is only possible if one is determined to bring about that transformation.

Choose the right style:

Whatever attire you’re opting for, be sure that it suits your body type and taste. Your confidence will outgrow the fear once you’re comfortable on the inside. Pick the bathing suit that is the most compatible with your taste and shape.

1) Tankini top for Apple shape body so the stomach is tucked in and plunging neckline with halter top to make torso look slimmer. The grace rashguard one piece (ribbed black/cream) is the perfect fit for this body shape.

2) High cut bottoms and bold patterns for Pear Shaped Body. Same’s rose cut out one piece (faux suede black/black) is best suited to accentuate the curves.

3) If you have athletic body, opt for simple top and fancy bottom to give definition to your hips. Double layer one piece (cobalt blue/fuchsia) is my favourite to achieve the statement look for this body type.

4) Last but not the least, rectangular body type is the   best suitable shape for any swimsuit. Either it be bikinis, one piece or high-rise booty shorts.

Practice at home:

Practice makes a man perfect. A simple phrase to speak but requires great dedication to implement. Wear your swimsuits at home regulars to make sure your eyes have adjusted to the change. Once it becomes a part of your routine, you will start liking the change.

Choose a company that motivates you:

Surround yourself with the friends that hype and lift you up. Those who are benefiting to your self-esteem and progress. Negativity drives negativity and with bad company you will never be able to surpass your fears and anxiety.

Train your mind:

Give your self some pep talk daily. Repeat again and again that you look and feel good and nobody’s opinion on you matters more than your own. You won’t ponder on any nonsensical talk about your physical and mental condition because it will an utter waste of time on your part.

Don’t compare yourself to others:

The worst damage that you can do to your own mental health is by comparing yourself with others especially on something that you have no authority over such as the bone structure. With the bombartment of influencers on social media, it is arduous to not be effected but by diligently working on your mental health, you can come out of this dangerous spiral.

Select accessories:

Pick matching flip flop, strappy sandals, floral earrings, ring bands or other accessories to your liking. By tweaking a little bit, you can create your own swimwear statement look.

Life happens and even if one has been a Miss Universe in the past, they can also gain weight due to pregnancy, illnesses, hormonal issues etc. Don’t limit yourself to your weight or body shape. Swimwear is also a garment just like other clothing items but with less coverage but that shouldn’t stop to from feeling your best and being comfortable in your own skin. Same has the mission to provide women with amazing bathing suits to return them their confidence and to make them feel inclusive regardless of their body type.