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5 Best Dog Foods For Picky Eaters

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Dogs are often known as beautiful furry beasts who will be on board with eating anything anytime. Whether it is bland kibbles, peanut butter dripped on the floor, or fruits that never made their way to your mouth. But the reality is quite different from the commonly perceived belief since there are specific dog breeds that are not acceptable for everything you put in front of them. And even if they do eat it, it is not always the wiser choice to feed them anything.

But there are times when you will struggle to find anything that will support your pups` taste buds.

But How Do You Know That Your Dog Is A Picky Eater?

Several reasons could make dogs picky about their food, the leading contributor being the different breeds of dogs, as some breeds are known to be more fussy eaters. The other reason could be the environment in which they are being delivered the food, Including the food bowl, such as some dogs will either chew out their plastic bowls or might not prefer eating in them because of the persistent odor stemming from the bowl. The same could be the case if there`s too much noise and traffic which trigger their instincts of staying alarmed, resulting in inadequate appetite. 

Usually, dogs finish their meals within twenty minutes of serving. Suppose your dog does not finish their food bowl in 20 minutes. It indicates that they are picky eaters. Another indication could be them eating food scraps but not eating food from their food bowls is a clear sign of them being picky about their food.

But By, choosing the right kind of food and developing a habit in your dogs can eventually make them finish their meals and grant you relief. There are certain ingredients that your dogs will prefer and might like having in their food as compared to other items. 

  • Fat: Any dog food that prefers animal-sourced fat is a great place to start for picky eaters. However, you might want to ensure that it includes a healthy amount of food, as using dog food with a significantly huge amount of animal fat can result in pancreatitis and weight gain.

  • Meat: If you have been a pet parent for some time, you might already know that dogs prefer meat over any other kind of food, whether it is pizza, ice cream, jelly, or any other food item. There is nothing they would prefer animal-based meat. However, the type of meat preference might differ from breed to breed.

  • Tasty fruits and Veggies: It is no secret that Veggies and fruits bring necessary vitamins and antioxidants, which have multiple health benefits. However, they also bring a certain flavor and appeal to dogs who are picky eaters. Especially the fruits and veggies that are bitter in taste, i.e. spinach, Brussel, or broccoli.

  • Real Ingredients: Burnt pork chops will even be on the top of the priority list of your dog`s food list than artificial flavors. Steering Clear of food with chicken-supplemented flavors, which many dog food companies use as the primary source of protein. According to studies, food with naturally sourced protein tastes significantly better than its artificial counterparts.

Five Best Dog food For Picky Eaters:

The preference for dog food is highly subjective, and there is no way we can guarantee that your dog will be on board with the following mentioned recommendation. But what we can do is make educated guesses by looking at the historical data and making tried and tested suggestions. Each Of these dog foods contains all the above-mentioned characteristics and has garnered positive reviews from pet owners around the world.

Bakers Adult Rich in Beef with Country Vegetables (Best Dry Food For Adult Picky Eaters)

The baker`s adult rich In beef with country vegetables is one of the best blends of dog food made of naturally sourced ingredients. Not only does the high-quality sourced meat meets the protein requirements needed for adult dogs, but it also makes the meals tastier than ever. Dog food also contains several ingredients that help improve your dog`s overall metabolism and enhance the immunity system. At the same time, the essential vitamins and minerals needs of the dog are met by vegetables and fruits, especially vitamin D, which is essential for adult dogs.

Bakers Puppy Rich in Chicken with Country Vegetables (Best Dry Food For Pup Picky Eaters)

The Bakers puppy rich in chicken with country vegetables is good for pups ages between 6month-24 months. The diet is rich in spinach and algae, both of which bring essential nutrients to the mix that are vital for building an optimum immune system for your pooch. The diet contains chicken-sourced protein, as using beef and other animals can be hard on the stomach of pups. Vitamin A and zinc in the naturally sourced ingredients of the diet support a healthy coat and skin. 

James Wellbeloved Puppy & Junior Grain Free Pouches - Lamb with Vegetables (Best Wet food for the pup)

Wet food is a great food source for sourcing the nutritional needs of pups younger than eight weeks. The whole mix is free of grains whose presence can be hard on the stomachs of younger pups, which is why the grains are substituted with peas to keep the nutritional requirement up to mark. The mix also uses lamb as the only source of protein which is relatively easier to digest. In addition, the whole feed is hypoallergenic, which means it is free of all troublesome ingredients and contains no artificial flavors making it an appropriate fit for the most sensitive dogs.

Harringtons Complete Adult Dog - Rich in Lamb & Rice

The Whole mix is kibble based for adult dogs and works well for all dogs that are eight weeks and older. The kibbles contain antioxidants sourced from various ingredients, which bring added flavor to the mix and provide essential nutrients. In the meantime, it helps in reducing the incurred cell damage and neutralizes the effect of radicals. The added citrus element boosts the immune system and provides a push of much-needed vitamins for your pet`s growth. The only downside to Harrington`s complete adult Dog food is that it is rich in carbs. Hence the meal servings need to be monitored, or it can eventually lead to an unhealthy weight gain for your dog.

Hills Prescription Diet Canine Allergies or Intolerances Food for Dogs Hypoallergenic Biscuits 

One of the main causes of dogs being picky eaters is that they might be sensitive to certain ingredients in the mix. It can affect their health, making them weakly exposed to several diseases. Hills Prescription Hypoallergenic Biscuits for dogs is tried and tested with many canine beasts suffering from various allergies and sensitivities. The whole diet mix is recommended by doctors and contains unsaturated omega-fatty acids to support a healthy skin coat. Because of gentle protein being the source, it is highly digestible by dogs with sensitive stomachs and uses a revolutionary mix of prebiotics which has proven to enhance the immunization and stool quality of your pooch. In the meantime, the beta carotene and natural antioxidants support the perfect body condition and keep normal immunity intact.

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