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Black Friday: Christmas For The Tech Geeks

That day is finally nearing when there are only discounts, price cuts, and clearance sales. A long time ago people just had an image of a day being dedicated only to make everything cheaper. Everyone thought it was impossible until sellers all around the globe recognized the Black Friday tradition and the dream finally came true.

This day is especially and primarily known for being the only day that gives the highest value to customers for what’s inside their wallets and plastic cards. Traditionally, whole shopping precincts and plazas were used to celebrate Dark Friday where each retailer hosted a sale or discount offer. Contemporarily, the takeover of a huge chunk of retail by the global E-Commerce market has shifted the trends in shopping and has made this occasion to be more exciting than ever.

The Tech Fever

In this age of technological advancements and extensive application of Information Technology (IT), we all have an idea of what would be the current and future shopping trends and practices. These elements have revolutionized each business sector through their extensive application and availability worldwide. Everyone is now giving less preference to tradition and moving forward to embrace the change that is now needed.

This has led to a major swing in the inclinations of people as they began demanding more aspects of IT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their lives, thus steering towards the inception of tech fever amongst them. It is obvious that this new habit would be taking over the spending patterns gradually and in turn, would render the sellers to adjust to them accordingly. Furthermore, people aren’t just adjusting their shopping habits accordingly, they want the best.

In today’s world, you may find tech geeks almost anywhere. A more surprising fact about them is that they don’t have a season for their shopping, instead, they are active almost throughout the year. However, when we talk about Black Friday, their wishlist experiences an unexpected twist as they get to know that on this particular day is when they finally might have the chance to reward themselves with the most demanded item in their wishlist. They know that technology can get really pricey but when they have chances as gold as this day, they would rather choose to buy it rather than keep waiting.

E-commerce: Making All Of It Possible

Special gratitude should be owed to the E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc. as they have been all-time ultimate hosts of this day’s sales and discounts. The reach of conventional retailers is somehow limited to the extent of how much they can offer from their shelves that are more specific and very limited. In contrast, when we talk about the global e-commerce market, they have spread their influence across numerous platforms wherever a consumer exists. This has been made possible as the world gradually started embedding itself with Information Technology whilst remaining connected everywhere to form a single global village.

The pandemic though has brought major changes in business operations where the world shifted towards heavily relying on digital communication systems. Since then, all E-Commerce platforms began recognizing disruptions in the supply chain and urged the need to consider rescheduling Black Friday sales towards a later date in order to cope up with the late shipments. 

Amazon has already pre-announced starting the dark Friday deals on October 4 whereas Walmart has announced commencing it on November 15th.

The Hottest Products

Tech gurus are predicting the hottest tech products being sold for this season would be the gaming consoles and the graphics cards. gaming console giants like Sony and Microsoft have already released the latest version of their most prized jewels; Playstation and Xbox. Be advised that they have suffered a surge in their retail value due to the prevailing supply problems which have added to the shipping costs. 

Both, gaming consoles and GPUs, are expected to have a massive price hike this year and this would continue to be predominant till the end of 2022. However, one should not lose hope as discounts might be able to give some relief to these avid gamers.

How To Shop For Gadgets This Season

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought up a sudden spike in cybercrime. The major constituent promoting this behavior is the increased reliance on technology by individuals and as well as organizations. Hence, it is highly advisable to follow some stringent safety protocols when shopping for products online, especially for gadgets where there is a huge vulnerable audience.

Before actually clicking the ‘Buy Now’ or any similar option, make sure you’ve done your research well on your wishlist. This includes conducting an online price survey and price comparison and screening the authenticity of the seller. You might also be a possible victim of online scams as sellers tend to inflate prices before the arrival of Black Friday sales and then offer them at discounted prices which is the same as the current retail value. 

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