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A person’s legacy is what remains when he parts from this world. This is what encourages an individual to give a sense of purpose towards life. Whether it’s good or bad, everyone in this world steers their boat in a particular direction.

Martin Luther King Jr. was not just a name contemplated in our history books, the name itself defines a legacy that fought for the freedom and rights of the black community. It is defined as a brand for struggle and devotion to the community. The debt that he left for the world cannot be ever repaid but we can try to honour his legacy by doing something he advocated his entire life. 

This coming MLK day, we can dedicate our efforts towards the fulfilment of the lessons King Jr. gave us. The American community needs to resolve to honour the existence of their heroes and what they’ve fought for. We’ve coupled together ideas one could implement to celebrate the day of the civil rights leader.

Educating Ourselves 

Many organizations have already started drafting lesson plans and activities that commemorate Dr King. These plans would detail his teachings and philosophies and be made available to all educators free of cost.

The whole community could benefit from this as a source of inspiration. It would give the younger population an opportunity to be part of the change that is required in the world. In addition, these lessons are not intended towards being limited to this day. There are plans for developing them into a full-fledged curriculum that would revive the Kingian philosophy throughout decades.

Reliving The History

Lessons on history are primarily aimed at teaching individuals on making better decisions for their lives. This is learnt through studying the examples for our former heroes and learning from tragedies and exigencies that shouldn’t have happened. 

Whatever the case may be, each event is symbolized by parchment or an object. Digitally transcribing these articles and historical documents would be an effective way to communicate Dr King’s legacy to a wider audience. You could also volunteer in collecting any relic, personal letters or journals associated with his remarkable journey. This would in fact be an adventurous and learning experience for young academics. 

In this age of cutting-edge ICT systems, information is more rapidly accessible than ever. In consideration of this opportunity, the Kingian philosophy could also be spread beyond boundaries from which his teachings would have an everlasting influence.

Celebrating In Your Neighborhood

A more viable and efficient idea is to rejoice MLK day in your own neighbourhood or local community. It is much better than going out on huge rallies or amusement parks where you’ll have to deal with strangers. Instead, celebrate with the families around your everyday life. It would also be considered a safer option as the covid-19 pandemic continues to prevail. 

Each resident in the neighbourhood can volunteer in organizing activities to commemorate the civil rights legend. It may be through those lesson plans distributed through NPOs or of their own accord if celebrating with your local community. 

On this day, there are many volunteering opportunities being made available for everyone. Across the country, you could participate in one of them and showcase your dedication. 

Helping The Helpers

Social activism is active across the United States with millions of individuals participating to fight against social injustice. These groups have always helped maintain a balance of power by challenging the status quo. Their contribution towards propagating humanitarian values in the community are countless.

A major chunk of these groups is proactive in battling racial injustice. They serve the community in numerous ways that include providing legal representation and research data for social reform. Likewise, civil rights activists also prevail in numbers that have been fighting for the rights of African Americans for decades and their widespread support has made them more resilient than ever.

You can help these organizations by funding their cause. It does not necessarily have to be money, but it can be anything material for their cause and struggle.

Gifting Smiles And Happiness

Make people believe this day that Dr King existed to improve the lives of people. He did not just want to nurture lives but wanted everyone to enjoy it. We can help give meaning to his legacy by giving back to the community in his name.

On this day, each family can contribute by buying a nice meaningful gift for healthcare workers and military personnel. In these testing times, they have risked their lives for our privilege. A gift makes a meaningful gesture for those in need of love and support during this time.

Contemporarily, online shopping is available with many webshops offering generous discounts, especially for MLK day. The day is also marked by exciting deals and discount options. Through this, any individual can give back to the community through an affordable option.

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