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The Face Of Elegance | Maybelline

Owing its origins to the great city of New York, Maybelline is regarded as the high-end manufacturer and provider of makeup products in the industry. It enjoys a global reputation and comes in line with the top-most make-up manufacturers around the world.

This brand needs no introduction where it stands as one would already recognize it as one of the crown jewels in any makeup store. For fashion fanatics and enthusiasts, it’s an easily available brand and is acclaimed for being pocket friendly that gives great value to your money. The brand is not anymore regarded as a luxury but a staple amongst any woman’s makeup counter.

Since its launch in the fashion industry, many models and artists have used and recommended this brand to all the makeup lowers and their followings. Many famous personalities have associated themselves with the name and many keep exploring the multitude options it has to offer.

Their Key To Success

Their key to success involves concentrating their focus on two main elements: innovation and growth.

They keep exhausting millions and millions of dollars on their research and development for determining various ways they could spice up the excitement in their products and constituting those materials in their items which are less harmful to the skin. Special amount of attention is given to the product’s durability and its ability to withstand the prevalent makeup failures occurring. They also constantly track and monitor comments and reviews from relevant stakeholders that ensures continuous improvement in the service derived from their products.

It shall also be known that it was Maybelline that pioneered the world’s first mascara. The company was founded by an American Chemist who is accredited with the same honor of developing the first mascara. Therefore, they have already set their lead on developing this marvel and have given themselves a permanent edge on this niche.

The brand’s growth policy has been able to capture huge chunks of market share on domestic and foreign markets. Their brilliance and innovation have abetted them into eliminating numerous prevailing fashion giants monopolizing the industry. Their mission bounds them being to be ready for anything; the biggest and hardest of challenges. This is why they make exclusive top-of-the-line products with no hassle which is tested and approved at the expense of a thorough pre-determined process.

Therefore, whatever the challenges you face they want you to be ready. They want you to be empowered with your fashion sense and their innovation. This is what the city of New York is all about as in this city you have to be ready for anything.

Their Shelves

They’ve had an incredible journey since they came into existence. From being a routine makeup manufacturer, it has established itself as an exceptional fashion prodigy that offers up to date fashion accessories, beauty counseling and makeup expertise. Their items bring out different results for different settings; whether you need to look glam or want a no-makeup makeup look, they got it all covered.

The brand’s crown jewels include the ever-popular Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer and Lash Sensational Mascara. These two have been the evergreen favorites of many makeup artists around the world.

Moreover, you will find on their stock a huge variation available of various categories. You could try their mattifying primers like the baby skin Pore Eraser, the cult classic Instant Dark Circles Treatment Concealer for a strong anti-age action on your skin, the Fit Me Loose Powder coming in eight various shades for a lasting touch to your makeup, matte Ink Liquid Lipstick which gives the lowest touchups and the maximum comfortability on your lips, and many more featured on their counter.

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It was founded in 2012 and since then it attained a massive expansion in its services, making it South-East Asia’s leading Ecommerce giant having operations of over six countries. through their efforts in adopting Ecommerce strategies, they have connected these six countries and sheltered their markets under a single umbrella. Therefore, Lazada is now a global E-commerce hub and an exclusive retail giant.

Till now, they house the largest variation of the brands and suppliers and is also a regional flag bearer of the giant Alibaba Group. This means their operations are supported by Alibaba’s cutting-edge technological infrastructure and Information Systems.

Their store accommodates the official flagship store of Maybelline. They have housed their products in the best deal and with the best bargain you could find with your money. Almost all of their products are featured in this store; foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners, compacts and finishing powders, eyebrows and concealers. Customers have the sovereignty to shop them according to different categories and preferences; color groups, preferred price range, their skin type, makeup benefit, makeup coverage and dozen other varying filters which you can go through. Almost every item is listed with an unbelievable remarkable price range with options of free shipping and delivery and amazing opportunities to avail gift vouchers. You can grab amazing discounts with the 10.10 sale going live at LazMall.

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