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They prevail as an exclusive online store for a high quality and high performance gym wear and accessories with the prime mission of utilizing their Unique Selling Point that has been overlooked by many brands.

Although there are many brands available in the market that offer gym wear, but what they lack is diversity and quality. Not every brand can deliver the combination of both, style with quality. That`s where Squatwolf steps in as it leads the race in the competition for the best gym wear manufacturers.

Each product is engineered with precision from fit to stitch. Their research and development constantly look for ways to bring out further enhancements and focus on areas where there is more room for improvement. This has been made possible with the help of the fitness community that have enlisted themselves with Squatwolf and have helped them design their products, materials and fabrics.

They believe that good things come to those who sweat, and a perfect gym wear would pull of the best in you on your style and performance while you sweat.

Their Story

Squatwolf`s story starts with a group of corporate professionals with a unique business idea and a passion for entrepreneurship. Their ultimate purpose for remaining fit was to blow of some steam they`ve gathered in the workplace after hours of high pressure work ordeals and stressful routines. It was really hectic for them to remain on schedule when there was no way for them to release the pressure, they`ve built inside.

Henceforth, this hobby gave birth to the idea of starting a clothes and apparels brand specifically for the fitness community. They observed that there was no proper attention being exhausted at the gym wear since this part was highly integral for bringing out best results in high intensity workouts and help you get a shredded body structure. This eventually became their mission statement, providing workout enthusiasts with top of the line gym wear that delivers performance and as well as style.

The Stock

Men`s Gym Wear

Their collection for men consists of the most unique designs and diversity that gives a promising result to you in your workout. Their merch is updated with the latest trends and fashion, and is inspired by success driven athletes round the globe who strive to continuously augment their athletic abilities. The quality of men`s gym wear is entirely dependent on their ability to perform in the gym or on the field.

How they bring their ideas into existence is no doubt a truly remarkable process. Initially, they tend to brainstorm idea for their products as many as they can which includes taking into account of all the factors in addition to the fabric. Then they collaborate with professional athletes, fashion designers and media influencers to draw out some samples. After the design is finalized, the relevant materials are appropriated towards manufacturing the proposed design and the logo is printed in the end. The concluding and the most critical parts are where professional athletes are employed for testing its abilities in the gym and then on their signal.

Another amazing fact about this gym wear is that it’s not only appropriate for workouts, but also easily qualifies as a casual clothing. So that your gym wardrobe is not only gym-specific but gets included in your everyday wardrobe as well. Therefore, more people are starting to buy Squatwolf`s activewear collection which is a synthesized version of old-school and latest trends. This activewear is prominent for its comfortable fabric technology with a durable surface, sweat absorbent and quick drying capability.

On their shelves, there is a huge variety available to service men. They have the most old-school fashion gym wear to the most hybrid collection available. For high performance and handling intense workouts, you can try their Limitless collection. Additionally, you can shop for their exclusive T-shirts, stringers, tanks, joggers, pants, hoodies, jackets, shorts and also leggings for men. Also, they have introduced their specialized face masks `Polygeine ViralOff` which is built with four protective layers and is reusable.

Squatwolf For Women

Their collection for women is designed to boost their athletic confidence, comfort and style. The women`s collection is incorporated with the most up to date trends in women`s fashion that is designed to give an aesthetically pleasing and confident workout.

Designing gym wear for women has always been a challenge since there are a lot of complaints of the fabric having weak seams, is overly tight and inflexible and waistbands that never add to the comfortability to the workout. However, Squatwolf has embraced this challenge into its unique selling point by addressing all these challenges in their gym wear to bring out their best service for the feminine side.

Gym wear for women is not just for workouts and training but are also designed for an everyday service. In addition to their eye catching exterior, these clothes provide a relaxed support throughout the day. Their athleisure collection has shifted the market trends as it comes with a moisture wicking and quick drying technology which makes it easy to be worn during your most leisure settings. You can also try their latest Greek Series for a more elegant look, or the Warrior series to bring out the warrior and passion with you.

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