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Making Online Shopping More Convenient | Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox since its inception existed as an exclusive online retail store with the primary aim of offering a convenient shopping method. It was founded in 2007 at the time of technological revolution when businesses increasingly began adapting technological applications in their business methods. Since then, Lightinthebox has exhausted considerable efforts in advancements of its operations and gradually adapted the latest trends emerging in the global E-commerce market. Whether it’s in marketing or operational methods, they adjusted very quickly to industry’s dynamics.

Customers can shop through a wide array of options available on their shelves with the latest variety and bringing out more consumer sovereignty. The products of display are categorized according to three broad categories although there are thousands of varieties to choose from; apparels, small accessories and gadgets.

Its data-driven business model also allows customers to place on order for customizable products such as jewelry or dresses and coming up with even more options. This service has empowered the customer base of having more control over their choices and preferences. The brand is also a huge success in the capital market as it is being listed in the New York Stock Exchange and enjoys a prominent reputation amongst the investors.

The Shelves

From increasingly popular brands to the most specific category, they have stacked majority of them so that you won’t have to look for an alternate. Their list of items is classified to almost fourteen different types of categories; each with a broad spectrum of choices. They have clothing options for both men and women, gifts and items for special events like birthdays and holidays, shoes and bags collection, supplies for babies and kids, exquisite jewelry and watches collection, supplies for work around your house, lighting equipment, sports equipment for enthusiastic athletes, additional items such as toys and hobbies, beauty and haircare products, automotive accessories and gadgets involving consumer electronics, and phones and associated accessories.

The Website

Their website is designed with a unique interface that has revolutionized its way of selling its merch. Lightinthebox through its customer data and application of information technology has engineered its website in a way that provides a shopping experience similar to the traditional method but in a more convenient way. You have to assume that it’s just like visiting a retail store but you don’t have to wait in long queues and don’t even have to spend hours in a shopping precinct until you sought out the perfect choice. Just visit the site to have the experience by yourself.


Inside their store, you would find a range of different clothes and apparels for men and women; be it clothes, costumes, underwear, swimwear and special dresses for special occasions, they have it all.

They have an entirely different section to cover wedding shopping. They house the most beautiful collection of bridal-wear and groom-wear with a range of different associated product related to wedding. This includes giftcards, invitations, dancewear and different shoes for different themes.

Shoes are also on display on a separate section where men, women and kids can have some stylish footwear to choose from. You can also shop for babies and toddlers in the kids’ sections with cute assortments of clothes, shoes and toys. Plus, they also have made available supplies in support for your infants and kids.

For avoiding a visit to your local Home Depot, try some of Lightinthebox’s supplies for home and garden. They have wall arts, faucets, home textiles, bathing accessories, supplies for interior decorations, and kitchen and dining room accessories.

For athletes and sports enthusiasts, they house the best brands sourced from around the world. From their webshop you can avail equipment for cycling, surfing, diving, camping, hiking, skating, running and jogging, fishing and also exercise and fitness accessories.

Their other products involve equipment for automotive, exquisite and elegant beauty products and skincare supplies, haircare and grooming sets, and toys and other collection for different hobbies.


The webstore comprises some of the most exclusive and cutting-edge set of gadgets in its vicinity. They regularly update their phones and accessories sections with the most recent and popular gadgets introduced in the market.

Consumer electronics are the source of indoor and outdoor entertainment in every corner of the world. The site features the most luxurious and elegant tv sets, home appliances, audio and video supplies, smart gadgets and electronics, computer and office accessories, video games and obviously home appliances too.

Every category of gadget is available on exciting deals being regularly updated and featured so that consumers don’t miss out these amazing opportunities. Enjoy new gadgets every week at Lightinthebox. This week’s special is:

For You

The customer service of Lightinthebox is being hailed as one of the best there is. They have mastered the art of Customer Relationship Management as they focus on every intricate detail in which they have room for improvement and would directly result in increased customer satisfaction. The have adopted the following policies to ensure that their customers have a hundred percent assurance in their quality of service:

  • Constantly increasing the product variety
  • Sourcing products directly from the manufacturer
  • Providing a safe and secure form of payment
  • Partners with DHL for fast and reliable delivery
  • Online 24/7 customer service and support

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