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Swimwear You Should Try This Summer | Frankies Bikinis

As the summer season bestows upon us, the only way to wipe off that scorching sun`s heat is to get a good old swim whether in the ocean or a swimming pool. But, looking exceptionally elegant and gorgeous, while being at one of those places might seem like a tough job. You don`t need to worry about it anymore as in today`s article we will be focusing mainly on summer clothes, bikinis, and bikinis dresses of women`s apparel 2021.

Especially when you live in a place like Miami or South Carolina, Having summer all year round has its own perks and it`s about time that one should upgrade their wardrobe to the kind of clothing that not only enhances our look but is also suitable and comfortable with the environment we live in. In 2021, our summer clothing trends are taking a makeover with Frankies bikinis, a brand known for its quality clothing, style, and unique sense of fashion. 

We realize that there is something nostalgic about getting in the swimwear and going for a dive. Probably it is the feeling of vacations for some stemming from their childhood, while a sense of relief and put a fashion statement out there for others.

Moreover, in this article, we will be revealing the top most followed and purchased bikinis from the store. Because the next time you walk into a beach party or a pool party. You know how to make a statement. Without further ado let`s dig into the following trends around the globe.

Satin Wrap Bikini Top

If you are looking to pair something with a denim jacket for an outdoor summer look on the beach. Or just let alone worn, this wrap-around bikini made up of 81% nylon and 19 % spandex is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. The premium soft silky fabric feels soft against the skin. Make a fashion statement and most of all can be worn by people of all sizes and shapes. It ties around the neck, hence making it a customizable fit for everyone. The bikini however is unpadded and double lined, there is no downside tide to it except for not being able to give your chest a lift.

Bandeau Bikini Top

We cannot have bikini tops of just one kind which is why opt for the minimal straight-cut bikini top, which is designed for maximum comfort and keeps everything intact. The Bikini supports and hugs your body like it has been wanting to be a part of it while creating no fuss. Perfect to pair with the sweater and shorts for a cute look at one of the beach events, or just a day out in summer. Nonetheless a valuable addition to your swimwear and summer wardrobe.

One-piece Swimsuit

How often do you find yourself in the situation of crosshairs? A continuous war going on in your head whether you should opt for a bikini or a swimsuit. Well to get you an answer to this problem every time you find yourself in this situation is getting this monokini in one piece. It ties around your neck and gives your lower body a cheeky yet slick look. Made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex makes it perfect for a dive in the pool or swims on the shores of the beach. Definitely goes down in the list of 5 must-haves.

Twelve Terry Dress

You can opt for bikinis in the summer and the list was all about it until we came across this irresistible terry dress. The dress features a silhouette design and a cheeky cut in the abdominal area to flash out those curves you worked so hard for in the gym for. Being plus size is all okay and works for the dress as it is designed in a way to bring out only the good features of your body and appropriate for beach parties, dinners, and gatherings. The combination of class and chic could not have been expressed more exquisitely than this dress made up of 94% polyesters and 6% spandex making it comfortable for a longer period. The terry fabric used, helps in staying true to all sizes.

Colby Tie Front Ruffle Bikini Crop Top

Here is something that can be paired with a couple of floral jackets and cute shorts. While we are setting up our wardrobe for a summer swim. This cute flirty bikini will definitely spice things up by going out with someone special. Romantic or not the ruffle detailing added to the two pieces makes it quite mesmerizing and hard for the other person to take their eyes off. Perfect for a swim as it is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, Unpadded, double lined, and comes with an adjustable knot in the front, making it true for all sizes.

There are numerous fashionable two pieces, swimsuits, and one-pieces out there. But what makes the above-mentioned products unmatchable is their capability to be paired with pants or any other bottom or top you would like to throw on.

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